Catholic Charities deploys volunteers to visit isolated seniors

Catholic Charities deployed volunteers to visit and care for isolated seniors as part of the Adopt-A-Senior program on January 7. Volunteers met and picked up food and care packages for seniors at Guadalupe Community Center before visiting seniors.

Volunteers assembled care packages including food, hygiene items, cleaning products, blankets, activities, and other items as Adopt-A-Senior care packages on January 6 at Guadalupe Community Center. On January 7, volunteers receive eda brief orientation and dispatch with care packages to seniors enrolled in the Adopt-A-Senior program. Adopt-A-Senior pairs compassionate companions with isolated seniors who may require home delivery of basic needs and care packages as well as regular companions to reduce the effects of isolation.

Catholic Charities’ President/CEO, J. Antonio Fernández said, “Adopt-A-Senior is an important program to care for our seniors in the community. They have long contributed to our community and they deserve compassionate care and assistance.” 

The Gonzaba Foundation sponsored the deployment with items and volunteers to visit seniors. Fernanda Cardenas, Gonzaba Foundation executive director, said “The Gonzaba Foundation has an unparalleled connection to seniors in San Antonio. We wholeheartedly support the Catholic Charities Adopt-A-Senior Program and their incredible efforts to provide basic needs and companionship. It is an honor and a privilege to serve our older community and transform the lives of those in need.”

By Today's Catholic Newspaper

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